Amanda Congdon on the Big Little Screen

Amanda Congdon makes her debut on ABC News today, with a videoblog that harkens back strongly to her stint on Rocketboom.

It also has pre-roll ads and no rewind or fast-forward. To cap things off, it’s not embeddable, and we can’t find it on YouTube yet. You’ll have to go watch for yourself.

Virginia Heffernan applies her powers of description in a meditative article at the New York Times.

Like a teenager, [Ms. Congdon] seems exaggeratedly puzzled by whatever’s at hand; she’s too cool for almost everything, and good for her.

To achieve this effect, she often appeals to the camera — the audience? God? — to find out what’s going on. Slim, swan-necked, with the upright bearing of a dancer or cadet, she doesn’t exactly lean in for intimacy with the viewer. She’s not relatable. She seems a touch abstemious. The news, it seems, kind of grosses her out.

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