Photobucket Adds Mobile Video Uploads


Now that everyone is talking about user-generated mobile video as a result of the YouTube/Verizon deal, Photobucket is jumping on that bandwagon too. The company sent out a release today that says Photobucket users can now upload videos taken with cell phones directly to their online accounts using the multimedia messaging service (MMS.) The service may be similar to what other startups are already doing, but because Photobucket already has 30 million registered users, it could prove to be the tipping point for mobile-to-web video uploads.

Photobucket has been working on its mobile plans for quite some time, and has allowed users to upload photos taken with camera phones for months. Photobucket says the mobile video upload service has been in closed beta for about a month, and is open to the public starting today.

The service works much the same way as its mobile photo upload service does: take a video (or photo) with your cell phone and send it as an MMS to your designated mobile email address. Using MMS (like a text message with a multimedia attachment on it) the technology is pretty easy to use, though videos are often kept at a maximum of 15 seconds. The company is also working on a mobile video tutorial, which it will post later today, in order to explain things more clearly to its community.

I uploaded a little video I took on my cell phone of my puppy. Unfortunately the video camera on my cell phone is so bad that when I watch the video on the site, which is blown up to a larger size in my Photobucket account, its looks absolutely terrible. Those with better video phone capabilities will hopefully have a much better experience.

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