Parallels adds “coherency”: can you spot Windows on this Mac?

Parallels_1I’m beginning to wonder if someday we’ll all have Apple hardware running Windows software. If the folks who build the Parallels software have anything to do with it, I’d say it’s a safe bet. The latest beta version of Parallels adds several new features, but the one standout from a productivity standpoint has to be new "coherency" mode.

Coherency allows Windows apps to float right in the Mac workspace, appearing as if they were native Mac apps. This means you don’t need to keep Windows-based windows in the Microsoft workspace on a Mac running Parallels. You can even share and move data between Mac and Windows apps using shortcuts. Essentially, the new coherency mode makes the OS boundaries disappear and that can have a profound effect on computing choices. You have to see this for yourself in a video at Michael Verdi’s site; if you can spare two minutes, this is a must see.

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