As Q1 2007 is rushing towards us, so are hopes that we’ll soon see a release of Apple’s OS 10.5 – or Leopard. We’ve seen Spaces and Time Machine and Core Animation at the OS level of enhancements. We’ve been told that some features were being […]

As Q1 2007 is rushing towards us, so are hopes that we’ll soon see a release of Apple’s OS 10.5 – or Leopard. We’ve seen Spaces and Time Machine and Core Animation at the OS level of enhancements. We’ve been told that some features were being kept secret, or something like that… But what else is coming?

I’m curious as to what you’d like to be surprised with when Leopard finally drops. At this point in time, what features make the most sense to you, that you may not have seen or heard about in the forthcoming operating system?

Virtualization has been a big one for people – and the rumor hit this week that Apple may pick up Parallels. But I know there are plenty of people out there who are much smarter than I, so I’d like to hear your Leopard wish list items. Me, I’m simple and enjoy the little surprises that are found once the world of Mac users has tinkered in the new OS for a few days.

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  1. Andrew Peterson Tuesday, December 5, 2006

    I’ve done a couple albums out of iPhoto (though not the newer small-format booklets) and been very pleased with them. We gave them out as Christmas gifts last year and people were happy with them. Haven’t tried them lately (though we’ll probably do one for our eldest, who’s graduating high school next June) — and perhaps our standards aren’t as high.

  2. Alright I know it’s sort of a small feature request but it doesn’t seem that difficult to put a simple tool in Preview.app where you highlight text and hit a button that automatically underlines the text for you. Sure beats printing out 50 page pdf’s every time you want to read anything.

    Other than that, tabbed finder and tabbed terminal, please.

    Oh, and while I’m hoping aimlessly, maybe a better implementation of Spaces more Linux style where you can drag windows seamlessly between each desktop and the pager is built into the menubar, at least as a choice. In fact, a true virtual desktop feature might be the single boost to my productivity (besides getting back to work after reading your posts).

  3. Andrew – Think you meant to post your comment in the iPhoto posting, but no matter. The quality standard is just that my 2 year old inkjet printer was putting out better photos than what was coming in my iPhoto books.

    anon – Yeah, they seem to enhance Preview pretty heavily every OS release, so it sure would be nice if something like that came along this time. And yes, a better finder. Do it for the kids!
    now get back to work!!!

  4. Integration in a small but significant way. I.e. intelligent links to emails, people, places and events. Like for example I type a name in any application and a right nudge contextual menu gives me the address or phone from Addressbook, or a list of latest emails from the person. Similarly let me add events and reminders to iCal or my (unknown/unavailable as yet) Apple Projects database.

    You know, everyday, user-like things sorted, without the extra Applescripts and Quicksilver slivers we have to write to make things really work for us. Oh, and Filemaker Pro sync access to Address Book – that would be good. Hey ho.

  5. AbolishTheDevil Tuesday, December 5, 2006

    I’m no expert in the current or planned architecture of Mac OS X. But it seems to me that there should be a common, yet secure, API to access different central repositories of information stored on for the user (keychain, notes, address book, to-dos, events, photos, music, movies, etc.) so that developers can easily make programs to use this information in exciting and innovative new ways. For instance, I understand that the new Mail will introduce Notes, but I’d love it if Sidenote, or even Stickies, could seamlessly access that information and modify it. I think this would do a lot to advance the Mac platform further ahead of its competitors, although I understand that a lot of it is wishful thinking. Oh, if only I could work for Apple…

  6. Squeaker – killer. I really like that idea. Sort of a Quicksilver-esque access built into the os level, similar to the dictionary utility. great thought. Just the type of thing I was looking for when i wrote this.

  7. Fix the linebreak problem in Mail.app. Please. All my contacts are tired of the consistently broken long URLs.

  8. concerning the workflow on a mac I’d love to have a speech-to-text solution. specially beeing german, and there is really no solution not even with external apps

  9. I’m betting there will be support in Preview for Microsoft’s new XPS document format. XPS is a similar to PDF but based on XML and ZIP. Microsoft needs cross-platform support for XPS so I’m guessing they assisted Apple.

  10. For Apple Mail to be generally not crap and live up to it’s potential. Namely…
    • Attachments can’t be defined as anything other than ‘content-disposition:inline’. WTF?
    • Better searching (actually being able to search for something within the body of an email would be nice)
    • Better backup features (why can’t I save off multiple individual emails at once? Where’s the tools to backup the entire Mail Database?)
    • Better handling of read receipts (for a start, where are they?)
    • Would love to see features like those found in Mail Tags/Mail Act On within the application
    • Rename the application to something unique (seems frivilous, but just pretend you’re looking to the web to troubleshoot something. Try Googleing ‘Mail email’, then compare that to the results for ‘Entourage email’)

    On another note I would love to be able to define custom keys and values for metadata in SpotLight, and have (two way) access to hooks for that feature through AppleScript and the CLI.

    How about the ability to PDF something out with hyperlinks/Cross-References from Word (plus other apps)?
    Second the suggestion for underlining/highlighting in Preview.
    Loving the suggestions on integration/workflow.

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