YouTube via Verizon: $15. YouTube via Orb: free

Mobileread_logo_1I’ve been a Verizon Wireless customer for at least five years, but I still don’t get the VCast service. Literally. I have a hard time paying $15 a month for limited content, when I can use the Broadband Access service I’m already paying $45 monthly for nearly unlimited content. Earlier this week, Verizon tried to sweeten the VCast deal by announcing a deal with YouTube. That deal isn’t sweet enough for my $15 each month, especially when MobileRead mentions that you can view YouTube remotely with Orb for free.

Bob Russell over at MobileRead got the following info directly from the Orb folks: "you can do a lot with YouTube through Orb, like browse the YouTube RSS feeds, play specific YouTube videos you’ve added to your personal Orb index with a browser plugin, and search metatags of the library of videos from YouTube, DailyMotion and Google video. More video sources are, of course, likely to be added later."

Granted, Orb is currently a one-way service when paired with YouTube: you can’t upload videos from a mobile phone to YouTube like you can with the V-Cast deal. Fifteen bucks to upload from my phone? I’ll just save the movie for later; there’s bound to be some post-production work to do anyway. If you’re interested in the Orb feature that turns your home PC into a broadcasting tool, check out the MyCasting functionality at Orb.

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