A couple days ago I began to write about this post by Zeldman. But then I saw it referenced in another place or two, and thought it not significant enough to devote my time to when a couple others already had. But this thing just keeps […]

A couple days ago I began to write about this post by Zeldman. But then I saw it referenced in another place or two, and thought it not significant enough to devote my time to when a couple others already had. But this thing just keeps popping up, and it’s got me thinking again.

A while back I wrote about my indecision/inability to stick with one browser for an extended period of time. I’ve been stuck in a fun-house style loop between Safari, Firefox, and Camino for far too long and I’ve yet to ultimately declare a firm winner (by my personal preference).

I guess I shouldn’t be all too surprised that Safari seems to get the nod from the Apple community – it’s even in black and white just to the right of this post, where you the readers have spoken and show Firefox as second fiddle to Apple’s browser. But yet when I use it on a regular basis I still run into little things that cause me to go back to Firefox or Camino. I just can’t stick with it for my full-time browsing needs.

So I guess, more than anything, I’m curious to hear what it is about Safari that causes you to choose it over its competition. (For me, Firefox 2 has a lot of thing very right, and I am high on the plugins again…not to mention it makes things easier going between a single browser on my work Dell and my home MacBook.) I wonder if you use different browsers for different tasks: General browsing/email in Safari, Downloads in Firefox, etc, etc. Or are you strictly a one-browser user?

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  1. I’ve always used Safari because it’s there, it’s made by Apple, and there has never been any reason for me to need another browser. I tried Firefox, but it feels clunky and weird, as if it was written with Real Basic or some other horrible dev environment that rolls its own UI. Camino feels a little better. But neither are a Safari killer for me. I can not bring myself to use an app named Opera.

  2. My RSS reader (vienna) uses webkit, so it’s going to register as Safari. I’m guessing most RSS readers in OS X are doing the same thing. If I’m browsing browsing the net – it’s on firefox.

  3. Definitely Safari.It’s nice and slick, built right to system. With a bit of tune up it’s even more powerful app.Firefox is lazy with slow start up, consumes a lot of RAM. It’s completely different story on win machines but hey this Apple world!We think different and like to have things different and better!

  4. I’m a new mac user, and I’ve been looping through these 3 (plus a few more) for days now. And I LIKE Safari, I WANT to use Safari – it’s clean, elegant and seems very plugged into the system.

    But when I use Safari I also feel crippled. Firefox’s extensions always end up sealing the deal. Camino would be great, but it’s just not there yet.

    But, I tell you, if either ever gets solid del.icio.us support like Firefox does – I’d probably bail. After using that system for bookmarks and searching for bookmarks, I NEVER want to go back.

  5. I was also switching around – Safari eats RAM for breakfast and crashes on me a lot, but Firefox is so clunky on the Mac and really does render text poorly. Camino didn’t really appeal to me. Then I found OmniWeb, and it was on sale last month for 10 bucks, so I snapped it up, and I haven’t gone back since. OmniWeb has so many great features and it is built on WebKit, but on a newer version than Safari is, so it has all the Safari goodies and more. OmniWeb is really just a pleasure to use, so clean and intuitive.

  6. I’ve been having the exact same problem for quite some time now. Firefox is just plain ugly for the Mac, let’s admit — I cringe every time I have to open it. In fact, I also find it slower than Camino. Even with all the functionality, I don’t use FF anymore. So basically, the choice is Safari or Camino — while Safari is robust, smooth and beautiful (but a bit slow sometimes), Camino feels faster (but it is still buggy). It is hard to decide…=)

  7. Probably 50% of my browsing is in netnewswire’s build in browser, sure it uses WebKit but I do not consider that the same as safari, that is like saying OmniWeb is safari.

    When not in netnewswire I use firefox 1.5 . I have many extensions that make it impossible to switch to anything else. As soon as all of my installed extensions are FF2.0 compatible I will upgrade.

    By using firefox I miss out on 2 things:
    – speed
    – key chain

    With firefox I get
    – web dev extension
    – firebug (best reason to use FF)
    – tabs customized how I like them using TabMix+
    … and many others

  8. Rarely a day goes by that I dont have at least two browsers open, bouncing back and forth. For me the big three are Safari, Firefox, and OmniWeb. Whenever I’m in one I wish I had features that are in the others. And I didn’t even mention NetNewsWire, which is where I am now submitting this comment.

    Safari has some awesome plugins unavailable everywhere else. I love PithHelmet, it buries AdBlock. Omniweb has the best tab implementation, though Safari and Firefox do have extensions to emulate the thumbnail previews, it’s just not the same. PicLens is brilliant.

    Still, firefox is pretty stinkin fast, supports a few sites that Safari and OW don’t. These days I dont use the web dev extension as much as I used to due to Xyle scope and CSSEdit doing much of the heavy lifting that web dev used to.

  9. I’ve been in love with OmniWeb since early September, after using Safari for a while, but not really being satisfied. I tried pretty much everything, and laughed at the thought of a browser that isn’t free, until I tried out OmniWeb. When the trial was over, I couldn’t resist paying for it. However, Firefox works a lot better for WordPress and Blogger, so I need it as well.

  10. I tend to switch back and forth between Safari and Firefox. Safari I like because:

    – It loads fast and looks sharp, and hey, it’s Apple’s browser
    – Inquisitor

    One nitpicky thing that gets me about Safari, though, is how the tabs hang down from the top rather than coming up from the window like in Firefox, which just seems to completely disconnect the two for no good reason.

    Firefox I like because:

    – I tend to use a lot of tabs (see above) and generally like using keyboard shortcuts, and Firefox’s cmd-1/cmd-2/cmd-3 tab switching beats the heck out of Safari’s cumbersome three-button cmd-shift-bracket nonsense
    – Lots of searches you can add to the search bar (I have about 15 set up, all of which I use at least occasionally)

    I also use the GrApple theme, which I highly recommend to anyone who doesn’t like Firefox’s default look.

    (Side note: I have no idea which uses more RAM, although I find it funny that one person here commented that they don’t like Firefox because it uses too much RAM, and another that they don’t like Safari because it uses too much RAM.)

    Camino I tried for a while, but ultimately couldn’t get past the inclusion of the site icons in the favorites bar–I think they look ugly and distracting there and remind me way too much of IE, especially when you have a mix of sites that have icons and a sites just showing the default icon or nothing at all. (Why don’t any browsers seem to have this as an option you can turn on and off?)

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