Corporate Mac Adoption

In the comments of ‘Banking on Apple‘ the discussion of Apple Hardware becoming more standard across the desks at large companies seemed to take a front seat. It’s an interesting topic that ultimately sprang – in this forum – from a not-fully-explained comment of mine. I believe that comment was probably:

“The tide is just waiting to turn where large companies are consolidating and getting their employees one box to rule them all, rather than spending on 2 boxes for each desk.”

The stuff going through my head that didn’t make it to the keyboard (until later on in my comments) was my experience in large companies where large creative departments were sporting 2 or more computers to get common tasks done on the different platforms. Never the less, the conversation was a good one. We even had a CTO mention his opinion that while it’s not quite there, it’s “real, real close”. While only one example out there, he’s a better authority on it than I.

So then I came across this article at MacNN CIO: Macs looking better for business. Hmmm, the plot thickens!

Part of the argument (from the comments) was the trouble with adopting a whole new operating system, and the costs inherent with training and getting users up to speed on a totally new system. The article at MacNN quotes CIO Magazine’s Meridith Levinson,

“His MacBook didn’t crash or freeze once during the month he used it. And his work was never interrupted by automatic antivirus or antispyware updates — a frequent annoyance with Windows.”

So there are clearly some time-saving and business-positive side effects, other than just good hardware.

But let’s be realistic here. The costs associated with a move of this magnitude probably aren’t even in the ballpark of being realistic when you consider the hardware, training, and all the new software where they’d move to the OS X platform. The article was still interesting though, and surely shows that the tides are changing, slow as they may be.

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