USB Accessories for your Mac


While I’m certain most of us would love to put that Mac/Book Pro on our wishlists this holiday season, they’re probably not the most realistic choices. Accessories for your Mac however, are much more realistic and can hugely enhance your computing experience. Obviously there are a crap-ton of accessories to choose from, but in an effort to narrow the focus [just slightly] I’m thinking of USB accessories today.

To start it off, here’s everything that’s hanging from a USB port on my MacBook:

  • Logitech MX1000 or Trackman Marble (depending on home or work office)
  • External Hard Drives/Thumb drives
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Headsets (look for a review coming soon!)
  • Postage Scale (for shipments)
  • iMic
  • Digital Cameras/Memory card reader
  • Jog Dial for video work
  • USB to Serial (for work stuff)
  • iPod
  • Hubs which allow all these things to be used….

With only 2 USB ports on my MacBook, the Hubs I list last are the most important things here. The most I’ve daisy-chained are 2 and it seems to work fine (the hubs I’m using are powered), but does anyone know the limit to this practice? Can I daisy-chain 5? 10? What’s the limit and what’s the effect that I’ll see as a user?

On the more useless but fun side of things are things like the missile launcher, drink warmer/cooler, lights, fans, and of course the Snowbot. The list is seemingly endless (but fun).

So I ask you – what’s your favorite (useful or useless) USB accessory, whether you have it or want it?

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