HDTV on a PC: PC Magazine

PcmagIf you haven’t stopped by the newsstands to pick up the December 5th issue of PC Magazine, I can save you a few bucks. Don’t let me stop you from buying your copy, but I’ve bought enough extra copies to make up for a few freebies; this is the issue that has the "HDTV on a PC" article that Dave Zatz and I collaborated on, and the base story is available on-line.

Our goal was to take a modest PC and walk folks through the basic and inexpensive steps of turning the system into an HDTV system with the ability to record high-def programming. The process is simpler than you’d imagine, so if you’re new to HDTV, you can follow these steps to watch great local content in high-definition. I’m a bit of an "HD snob" as I’ll turn off a good program in SDTV in favor of a crappy HDTV program. Sounds silly, but HDTV makes that much of a difference. Enjoy the article!

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