Vista RTM vs. Vista RC2 on the Samsung Q1

Vista_desktop_basic_3If you’ve been waiting for a full instruction set on getting Vista running on the Samsung Q1, I haven’t forgotten. No, I’ve been working diligently on the process and have the documented steps and screen caps in a Microsoft Word document for you. "So where is it?" Glad you asked because I’ve actually gone through the process three times!

Here’s the holdup: there’s actually one important function that worked perfectly in the Vista RC2 beta build that I just can’t get working with the final Vista release: the screen resolution switching application. Try as I might, I’ve been close, but just haven’t gotten it right and it’s the only feature that I don’t have working. The closest I’ve come is to have it switch the screen resolution in a panning mode, not in a mode that fits the 7-inch touchscreen. I’ll likely give it one last go and may even install the RC2 build again as I recall three specific Intel driver files that required Admin access; I believe I’ve found two of them in the final build of Vista, the third one escapes my mind!

In the end, I think I’ll put Windows XP Tablet Edition back on Sammy and use my one copy of Vista on my current Windows Media Center desktop simply because I can get more functionality out of the operating system on that workhorse. Thanks again for your comments and suggestions on where to put Vista! Now, back to Sammy for another re-image and rebuild….

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