European Internet Investments Going Up

The Internet investment mania is spread to European, notes Paul Fisher, associate director with First Capital, a UK based VC firm. He has put together a list of seed and series A deals, and the amounts raised are already higher than 2005, he points out.

Some of the deals he notes are Netvibes, PageFlakes,, DailyMotion, Fon, All Peers and Quintura. This is not a complete list by any means. for instance has raised over $5.1 million in Series A funding is missing from the list. Still, Fisher is right about the general trend. While Index Ventures, a London-based VC firm is one of the most active, Fisher’s list points to a sharp increase in investments from Benchmark Capital, Accel Partners and Sequoia Capital.

“Worryingly I also see a few directly competitive investments from competing VC firms… feels like 2000 again,” he writes. Hey Paul, we know the feeling!

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