I’m not the first to remark on how Internet video and IPTV are at a “crossing the chasm” moment when they are poised to make the giant leap from early adopter technology to one in which a significant amount of end users in most technologically advanced […]

I’m not the first to remark on how Internet video and IPTV are at a “crossing the chasm” moment when they are poised to make the giant leap from early adopter technology to one in which a significant amount of end users in most technologically advanced nations will use these technologies in their day-to-day lives.

The term, incidentally, was first coined by author Geoffrey Moore, whose classic “Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling Technology Products to Mainstream Customers” work is still — 15 years after publication — the definitive best practices volume for helping digital content distributors and creators understand how to make this jump to the mass marketplace.

Well, on Friday, rich media hosting and distribution company Akamai Technologies — which occupies a pre-eminent place in these fields — announced that they would go to the source themselves. They’ve just added Geoffrey Moore to their Board of Directors. Not as a consultant, but to their Board.

This move is much more than symbolic, IMHO. By adding TGE Advisors Managing Director Moore to their board, Akamai admits that although they understand the fine points of broadband media distribution and hosting, they really want a strategic thinker available to them at the ready.

Moore, incidentally, updated his views in a 2005 book he co-wrote entitled “The Chasm Companion: A Field Guide to Crossing the Chasm and Inside the Tornado.” If Akamai harbored any lingering doubts that this guy was a fossil (say, like John Naisbitt), this widely praised volume dispels that. Can’t think of a better 30,000-foot perspective than Moore provides. Great resource to tap, Akamai.

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