Shure E500PTH headphones and mic: LIVEdigitally review

Shure_e500pthHands down, Shure makes some of the best headphones on the market. Their high-end earbuds fit within your ears and block out external ambient noise so that you can bask in the full auditory experience of blissful music. As good at that sounds (heh), it can be a pain to "unplug" your Shure’s from your ears when folks are trying to talk to you. I typically just ignore them, but that only works for so long so…..Shure has come up with an innovate solution in the E500PTH and LIVEdigitally has a full review.

The secret sauce in the Shure E500PTH is the addition of a battery powered microphone! No, it’s not for you to record karaoke while listening to tunes; it actually brings the outside world into your headphones so that you can hear folks talking (when you must) without taking the ‘phones out of your ears! LD gave this the thumbs up and after you read the review, you just might too.

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