WiPod: a free hotspot directory for your iPod

WipodI was browsing the December 2006 issue of PC World over the weekend and saw a great little bit o’ freeware courtesy of Becky Waring. AnchorFree is an on-line WiFi directory which has over 10,000 wireless locations in the database. Trouble is: if you’re already out the door and don’t have connectivity, well….it’s not easy to go on-line to see where you can go on-line, now is it?

Problem solved with WiPod, a free download for your iPod! Each country or city in the the AnchorFree directory is available for download as a notes file, so if you’re sans "the Internets" but need a hotspot location, just whip out your iPod and navigate through your directory. You’ll find the nearest hotspot locations and be back on-line in no time. AnchorFree will require you to register on their site to use or download their tools, but the process is quick and painless.

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