Samsung SGH-i600 Smartphone gets it right

Sghi600_podcatcher_rssSibling to the Samsung SGH-i607 that already has FCC approval, the SGH-i600 looks top notch. Arne Hess had "10 minutes" with this UMTS / HSDPA Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone, yet it took me 20 minutes to read his impressions; he shares that much information on this new device.

Samsung really kicked it up a notch in my book with the addition of a podcatcher and an RSS reader. Hey, if you’ve got a phone with super connectivity options, why not take advantage of ’em, right? Arne’s summary says it all: "Previously I fell completely in love with my SGH-i320 and I was really awaiting the day to get the SGH-i600 into my hands the first time and yes – this might be my next Windows Mobile Smartphone!" His full thoughts provide all the supporting evidence as to why this might his next purchase.

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