Kendrick offers money to T-Mobile; they don’t want it

ZetajonesGee, after reading about this fiasco James had today with T-Mobile, I almost feel honored to be a Verizon Wireless customer. Wait for it…….OK. That "honor" moment was fleeting at best and it’s now gone. Sounds like James went down to the local T-Mobile store to sign up for a new account, i.e.: commit to a few years of cash inflow for the provider, pay them monthly, add to their coffers, whatever you want to call it.

After much back and forth with T-Mobile (not from the salesperson, who sounded like he was trying to help), James walked out with no voice plan, no data plan, no SIM card, and no respect for the big T. If you want to read a story about how not to treat a customer or how not to sign up for a cellular account, this is the one. Sheesh! In related news, Catherine Zeta-Jones was rumored to comment, "I can get over the fact that they dropped me as the spokeswoman, but I’ll never forgive them for how they treated James Kendrick. That’s the last straw!"

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