Microsoft releases WMP 11: is anybody listening?

Wmp11_2I just took a quick glance at my RSS feeds before setting in for Monday Night Football; big game tonight as I’m down by a point this week in Fantasy Football. I have Tom Brady while my opponent has the Minnesota defense, but we all know I should win because I used superior technology, right? Ri-i-i-ght….

Anyway, I just noticed in my aggregator that Microsoft has a press release out: Windows Media Player 11 was released today for Windows XP. Here’s the funny part: I don’t see anyone mentioning this on techmeme or the other major tech news sites. Granted, I’m rushing to get my hot wings and beer ready for the big game, so I’m not "digg"-ing around too much. Still, this has me wondering: does the public care about Windows Media Player 11?

For what it’s worth, I’ve used it in the Vista beta and it’s a much more robust player. The new URGE music service is worth a look too. If you don’t believe me, that’s OK: Paul Thurrott is one of those "much smarter than me" folks and he has an early review from back in May. Better yet, give it a try yourself right here. It’s got a higher version number, so it has to better right? Sure, if you believe that you’ll believe that the Patriots passed me by for Tom Brady too. ;)

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