FlyBook and cellular: nice combo


I haven’t had much time to get the FlyBook configured for testing yet, but one thing I did do was use the ultra-portable as a cellular device earlier today. Since I have a Verizon Wireless account, iCube included a T-Mobile SIM card with the FlyBook, as the integrated cellular capabilities are a relatively unique feature. Like the other radios (Bluetooth and WiFi), there is a quick hot-key combination to activate the WWAN functionality. You can use this for Internet connectivity or phone calls, so I tested out the phone capability.

Using the included mobile PhoneTools software, I dialed James up at his home and we had a good 20-minute conversation. I heard James through the two external speakers on the FlyBook, while my voice was picked up through the integrated microphone at the top of the display. Basically, the FlyBook became a cellular speaker-phone and the call quality was quite good. The only issue that we came up with was that my voice was faint on James’s side of the call. I’ll be looking at using a Bluetooth headset and or a USB headset for future testing in hopes that my audio levels will increase. I’ll also be sure to get an audio sample of a call for you to listen to during the review period.

Before I forget: this FlyBook’s WWAN capabilities also include EDGE, so when not making phone calls, I can surf the web, check e-mail, etc…all without an external modem or tethered phone. The integrated cellular is a very compelling feature, and Dialogue does offer a FlyBook with HSDPA support, making for a fast connection in the right service area. EDGE is a nice to have, but as you’d expect, it’s nowhere near as fast as the EV-DO speeds I have with Verizon.


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