More often than not when Quicksilver is blogged, the topic focuses on simply launching apps or some other pretty basic use. But here on TAB, I’ve tried to show some of the more advanced features of this amazing program. Recently David at TUAW got down with […]

More often than not when Quicksilver is blogged, the topic focuses on simply launching apps or some other pretty basic use. But here on TAB, I’ve tried to show some of the more advanced features of this amazing program. Recently David at TUAW got down with the Quicksilver screencasts too, and did a great piece on Quicksilver and iCal. (Even if you’re not an iCal user, I’d say it’s worth checking it out.) So today I’m back with another slightly a-typical use for Quicksilver, accessing your Clipboard.

If you find yourself copying and pasting lots of stuff on your mac, it either drives you crazy going back and forth between windows, or you’ve adapted and now use something like iClip, or Shadow Clipboard, or another similar offering. As a personal opinion, these are just too invasive. They take up screen space, and for the most part I have to use my mouse to access them, or learn all new keyboard shortcuts just for these apps. They’re great programs, but I just can’t roll this way.

So the following is a video demonstration – screencast for you hip boys and girls – of how I access my clipboard history with a couple keystrokes using Quicksilver. It’s always there waiting, out of sight until I need it. Then it’s there, does it’s thing, and it’s gone in a flash. Perfect.

Without further ado…
Quicksilver and The Clipboard
(45.6MB / 10:21mins / 716 x 446)

UPDATE: For those having trouble getting the “Clipboard History” and “Show Contents” items, I’ve been trying to track them down. Check the comments below for more information.

UPDATE #2: Found the clipboard history item – here’s how to get it.

  1. I have a fully updated QS instance, and the clipboard module is installed, but I don’t have the clipboard history action and the module window for the clipboard doesn’t register new entries, when I copy something.

    I have turned on clipboard recording in preferences.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    PS what does a small circle with a verticle line within in mean, when it is next to an item in the Application section of the preferences tab?

    Thanks all

  2. i don’t find the entry “show contents”… only “show contents menu”… what is wrong? do i need another plugin?

  3. I can start clipboard history by invoking QS then pressing Cmd L. But I can’t open the clipboard history by typing it in QS. So I can’t add it as a trigger. What do I need to so?

  4. well, I’d point you toward the (relatively boring) screencast I did of setting up Quicksilver. It basically runs through all the plugins and such that I’m using currently. The interface for QS prefs has changed a bit, but all the settings remain basically unchanged. that screencast is here.

    The sort of weak point in QS seems to be where all the actions come from. Installing plugins makes the app extremely powerful, but after you install a couple, you lose track of which actions came from where…

    So I’d suggest trying the setup screencast and then trying this clipboard screencast again.
    If this doesn’t work, please let me know, and I’ll delve deeper into QS tonight and try to find the exact answers for you.

  5. i’ve installed all plugins in thesetup screencast mentinoned… but i miss the “show contents” action :(

  6. Very good screencast. I liked how you took an overall approach to using the clipboard and showed the plugin, prefs, and a trigger. I also really liked that you showed changing the order of actions. Showing the Keyboard Viewer is very clever, but this time you went slow enough and mentioned each key you pushed so I don’t think it was necessary. It probably would have been worth showing the Clipboard History items in the Catalog as well.

    I think you should have mentioned that there’s a default opt-cmd-L binding that opens the clipboard history window. You said you prefer the that window to disappear after pasting, to achieve that change the “Hide after pasting” setting in prefs

    I use Paste all the time and am glad you showed it. I think it probably would be worth mentioning that the Copy to clipboard action makes a copy of the item in the top slot (and that cmd-v pastes what’s in the top slot) which is why the same text accumulates as the top 5 items by the end of screencast.

    Great job.

  7. bernd (and whomever is experiencing the same issue):
    I’ll look tonight when I get home and figure it out for you.

  8. I’ve got the same problem here, no “clipboard history”, even though i’ve got the current qs-version and a fresh installed clipboard-plugin (and some text in my clipboard, just to make sure…). I’m using a localized version of os x (german), so it has maybe something to do with it?

    You’ll need to look in your Catalog under Quicksilver, and made sure that the “Internal Commands” are all checked. If checked, rescan that catalog and be sure they’re all registered with QS.
    You can even highlite Internal Commands and click the info button (lower right corner) and see if the corresponding (clipboard history) item is listed.

    I can’t find anything that says this shouldn’t be visible to all users. Perhaps ensure that you’ve enabled ‘Advanced Features’, but otherwise, I cannot find any documentation to show why or why not you’re seeing it… I’ll dig on my own system for this further tonight.

  10. I was also somehow missing the “Show Contents” action but I have the QSOptionShowChildrenAction instead which seems to do exactly the same thing as “Show Contents”. At least it looks visually the same :)


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