Franklin’s CDU-550 USB EV-DO modem supports Windows Mobile?

Cdu550The CDU-550 USB EV-DO modem from Franklin Wireless garnered some attention soon after its release. A wireless broadband modem is a fantastic accessory for a notebook or UMPC that isn’t equipped with a PC card slot, so the CDU-550 fits a growing need. I noticed a press release that was posted on EVDO Forums the other day and this caught my eye:

"Franklin Wireless (PINKSHEETS: FKLT), the San Diego-based developer and marketer of wireless broadband communication devices and applications, today announced its CDU-550 Mobile Broadband USB modem can now support both Windows Mobile, the most prevalent OS running on most PDAs and Ultra-Mobile PCs, and Linux operating systems."

Now there aren’t many Windows Mobile devices that have USB host capabilities, so I’m thinking this is a typo. Additionally, I don’t see the PR on Franklin Wireless’s site although I just noticed that this product is supported on Linux and Mac. Still, I have to wonder: how many folks have Pocket PCs and would like to add 3G wireless modem capabilities? Is everyone satisfied with WiFi on their non-phone devices or is there a market for adding high-speed connectivity to your existing Windows Mobile device?

UPDATE: According to Windows for Devices, this might not be a typo after all: "According to Nick Lim, senior VP of technology and business development at Franklin Wireless, the company is currently testing the CDU-550 with a wide range of Windows Mobile handhelds, and will eventually publish a list of supported devices. In order to be able to use the CDU-550, the mobile device must have a "USB Host" interface, similar to that provided by virtually all modern PCs and laptops. "  Looks like I’ll be digging out my old Toshiba e805, which does have USB Host support!

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