Daylite 3, a Complement to Any Mac Office


I’m working at a company, and we are currently in the works of developing our own custom CRM (Contact Resource Management) system. All the programs we’ve used have some serious setbacks, are slow, look horrible, and just suck. I’ve been touring through DayLite 3, and there is no question we would be using this if our office was Mac. Unfortunately that’s not the case, but there are plenty of small businesses that run on the Mac, and if you work at/run one, then DayLite is a must purchase.

Let me first explain what the reason for having a CRM is. Then, I will highlight how Daylite works. With a large business you will probably have a large set of customer data. For the business I work for we add usually 25-100 customers per day. A company would then gather the customers details either by email or phone and insert this data into the main CRM. So, the first goal of a CRM is to organize contacts and customer information. Typically, a CRM will also include organization tools for linking contacts to certain organizations or other companies.

One of the useful tools of a CRM is the centralization of data. Not only do we want to store our customer and contact data, but why don’t we keep appointments we have with them and possible projects within our company as well as to-do lists. We may even want to track our planned sales and then predict how much income we will bring in. A good CRM will be able to handle all these tasks with ease.

Daylite does this in a simple way that makes adding contacts or tasks or opportunities a secondary thought. Daylite also scores right on with the interface. It’s sleek with great icons and an interesting layout that maximizes efficiency.


As you can see by the picture above, Daylite splits all the tasks mentioned above into a 3 by 3 grid. This gives us quick access to all the important sections of our CRM. Adding a contact in Daylite is as simple as clicking on the New Contact button in the toolbar. You will then be presented with a sheet that let’s you fill out all possible information about your contact. It even allows for tagging!

Once we’ve added a contact, you may want to associate that contact with a certain business, organization or company. Just select a contact, push the link button and start typing. Daylite will search across all possible connections and allow you to connect your contact to a business. You can even link it to other parts of the CRM like projects. Once you’ve got your contact associated with a business, you can then find him and all the other members of an organization by simply clicking that organizations name.


This is where the 3 pane view strikes gold. I can select an organization. All of its members are then instantly listed in the middle pane. Select one of those contacts and all their info is displayed in the third pane. This makes perfect sense and really presents company and contact information the way it should.

This, by no means, does justice to Daylite. It simply is too powerful of a program to describe fully in this short review, but I hope this sampler demonstrates to you how useful Daylite can be. I can assure you that a good, solid CRM is very important to any sized business. Daylite is a great management system and will really increase productivity amongst all businesses. Check out Daylite now.

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