EvokeTV off the air

With all eyes on the YouTube-Google marriage, many overlooked the slow demise of another video-related start-up, EvokeTV. EvokeTV connected television viewers with similar interests connect with each other, and create dynamic communities around the television watching experience. Rafe Needleman called them the “buddy list of the boob tube.”

The Bechtelsville,PA.-based company made the rounds of the conferences such as DEMO and O’Reilly ETech and got some positive buzz, but failed to raise funds to continue their business. On their blog, the EvokeTV team writes:

I’m sorry to say that we must take down EvokeTV. There are various reasons. The main reason being we’ve been unable to raise enough funding. EvokeTV had so much potential and there are so many things I wanted to do with it.

With over 250 video related startups, unfortunately this is going to be a common occurrence as the industry shakeout happens. The reasons might be different, but the tragedy will be the same. Any thoughts?

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