MySpace does Broadband TV

Updated Again: MySpace is working its way deeper into NewsCorp, getting access to its primetime TV. Fox has just launched FOX on Demand, which allows you to buy download FOX series like Bones, Prison Break and Justice right off MySpace. In addition, the company is going to offer ad-supported program streams in partnership with its local affiliates in 24 markets across the country. The downloads are also ad-supported, and are free.

Looks like Fox people agree, and are taking the big television-over-broadband plunge. It is in keeping with Rupert Murdoch’s long-standing philosophy to tap into any and all forms of distribution. Broadband is just the latest distribution channel Fox is trying to tap.

FOX claims that the video streams are going to be high definition, and users can download a special player to view these videos. Dave Burstein wrote in to point out that the press release might have been over aggressive in describing the HD aspect of the streams. We have started investigating this bit.

Viewers will be able to stream each of the shows in high-definition streaming (over one gigabyte per second) video using the FOX Full Throttle video player

We just heard from FOX and they say that there was a mistake in the press release, and one gigabyte-per-second is a bit of an overstatement.

“Users who frequent social networking sites such as MySpace show a predilection for online video, with 55% viewing streaming videos and 21% downloading long-form videos on at least a monthly basis,” writes Park Associates in a report titled, Internet Video Direct-to-Consumer Services.

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