No, not that iHome. Ain’t No Other Man… The iHome iH5 clock radio is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a full-featured clock radio that lets you hook in your iPod as a source for sound. So instead of accidentally having the radio wake you up […]

iHome iH5

No, not that iHome.

Ain’t No Other Man…

The iHome iH5 clock radio is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a full-featured clock radio that lets you hook in your iPod as a source for sound. So instead of accidentally having the radio wake you up blaring Ain’t No Other Man, you can wake up to something much more kind…like Sunrise.


I’ve been using the iH5 for the past couple of weeks, waking up every morning using it. It’s been a pleasure to use and even greater pleasure to be able to chose exactly what music wakes me up. I find it way to jaring to have a buzzing alarm wake me up and regular radio, no matter what station, inevitabely is playing something that isn’t as pleasant as I’d like it to be.

There are quite a few small features that really make this product usable. Things like iPod alarm backup that will make your radio or buzzer go off if you forgot to dock the iPod and then Sleep which lets you set your iPod to play music for a certain amount of time and then auto-shutoff (like the Sleep feature on your television).

The most obvious major feature that really sets this apart from all other clock radios is the ability to dock your iPod. It supports practically any docking iPod (gen 3, gen 4, iPod mini, iPod photo, iPod nano) and has connectors to make all of them fit. It even supports the iPod shuffle an other audio devices that can’t dock. If it’s got a headphone jack, you can use the iH5.

Sound Quality

The only gripe I can find with the iH5 is the sound quality. While it’s certainly not bad, it isn’t exactly award winning either. But then again, why would superb sound quality matter at 6AM (or noon for some of you)?

Don’t get me wrong, the quality is definitely at an acceptable level, but you’ll find that the lows and mids get muddied together more than a higher-end system might give you.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, the iH5 really is a great product for its purpose and is a welcome addition to my nightstand. It’ll run you around $100 and comes in black or white. Go check it out.

Now, if only there was a way to disable this snooze button…

  1. You forgot the other key problem wit the ihome…. it’s really, really ugly.

    Seriously, tho, how are you finding the support for the iPod? One of my primary concerns with all of the iPod altars…. errr.. docks is that they seem to not hold the iPod in very well and the dock connection is pretty susceptible to being bent, especially when looking for the snooze button :-).


  2. You also forgot the other key problem with the iHome … you cannot set the wake up volume. The documentaion claims it will gently wake you up by slowly increasing the volume. Wrong – it starts loud and in five seconds goes to really loud. There is no way to adjust anything about the wake up volume. That was the deal-breaker for me.

    In addition, whenever you push one of the buttons on the unit, it emits a eardrum-shattering “BEEP”, the volume of which you also cannot adjust. The wheels on the tops of the speakers are also difficult to turn, which is a pretty bad design flaw. The brightness settings for the front display are all too bright for an alarm clock (which presumably, you’ll have to have next to your bed). And the list goes on…

    I took mine back after about a week. – Tim

  3. Spell check couldn’t hurt this article.

  4. @Randy: That’s a personal opinion, I don’t think it’s all that ugly. As for support for the iPod, I just have a gen 3 iPod and it fits perfectly.

    @Tim: If it’s too loud for you when the alarm goes off, how about turning it down? I can’t imagine your reasoning here about how this is a “deal-breaker” at all.

  5. Well, you’d think you’d be able to turn down the wake-up volume. But you couldn’t. There was no way whatsoever to turn down the wake-up volume. You could change the volume while the unit was playing, but the volume would reset itself (to LOUD) when the alarm went off. I tried every possible way to adjust the volume, even turning the volume down on my iPod. Nothing worked. That’s why it was a deal-breaker.

    Now maybe they fixed this problem between the time I took mine back mine and you got yours. There were certainly enough complaints on various forums/reviews. After I returned mine, I never checked back to see if they did fix the problem (basically, because I bought another alarm clock with a line in). But I’m always going to be a little wary of their products based on my experience.

    P.S. Do they include the remote with the unit now? The remote gives you access to functions that you can’t access without it (which is also dumb), and I couldn’t find a store anywhere that sold the remote at the time. You basically had to order it from their web site. For me, that was like strikes five and six.

  6. I find it to be a poor design all together.
    Its ugly and does not function like a true alarm clock.

    They really should include a remote with it as well. Right now i rather use my imac with the remote and set it to auto start rather than use this.

  7. @Ben: They DO include a remote with it. And I’m not sure where you get that it doesn’t function like a true alarm clock. Maybe the 10 different alarm clocks I’ve used in my life have all just been weird…because the iH5 functions just like those…except it can use an iPod as the source.

  8. The issue that I have is that when falling asleep with the timer, it makes an audible double beep sound every 30 seconds or so. Instead of drifting off to sleep while listening to mp3’s of gentle rain, I’m kept awake waiting for the next beep!!! If I can’t get this fixed, it is going back.

  9. i really like the ihome. I think it is well worth the money. I got it for my birthday and i have used it so much since then. I dont think it is ugly at all. The only thing that i dont like it that the remote doesnt come with it. I wish that was included in the package because you are able to do additional things with the remote than with out the remote. i really enjoy it.

    thanks, katie

  10. I have had the same experience as Tim. I bought this for my wife a couple months prior to Christmas last year. As Tim said, when you wake to radio it comes on lound and gets REALLY LOUD in just a couple seconds. I don’t know whose definition of gradually they used, but no one I know considers this appropriate for 5:30AM! My 20 year old clock radio does a better job and was one fourth the price.

    I found a lot of postings about this issues and a couple reports that said it had be partially fixed in later units and perhaps totally fixed in an upcoming revision. There may be a trick to making it work with you iPOD, but on these early revisions you cannot change the wakeup volume of the radio.

    Since it had been purchased several months earlier, the retailer wasn’t willing to refund my money, just swap units. Unfortunately all the units they had in stock were the same revision as I had…

    I called the company and they said ‘yes we’ve heard this but there is not program to swap the unit out’…

    We are going to try it in our son’s room to see if it will help him get out of bed and I’ll buy something else for my wife.

    One thing for sure, this is my last iHome product.


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