More Sony Reader details: MobileRead

The pics that Engadget ran tell some of the story, but MobileRead has the rest. There is a very detailed, lengthy write-up from Bob Russell, who also attended the Sony Reader event. Some of the interesting items that jumped out at me from Bob’s article:

  • Recharge time is 4 hours. This is fantastic because with 7,500 page turns, you won’t be recharging that much; a few hours every couple of weeks is outstanding.
  • There is no backlight, which helps with the power requirements, but could be a minor turn off for some folks. However, the display looks great even in bright sunlight.
  • Device wake up about 5 seconds when returning from a "sleep" mode; not bad.
  • Content can be licensed for up to 6 devices

The device should be available by the end of next month, so if you’re interested in it, Bob’s hands-on experience are required reading.

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