Dot Mobi, Dot Flop?

So the public can officially start buying “dot mobi” domain names for wireless Internet sites today. . . Not excited? You mean you haven’t been anxiously waiting for this day for weeks?

We haven’t either. There’s a lot of skepticism and division over the dot mobi plan, including doubts from web creator Tim Berners-Lee. When I spoke with Neil Edwards, CEO of DotMobi, a joint venture to promote the mobi domains, a few months ago, he said the purpose is to ease the consumer’s mobile web browsing experience. Fair enough, but we’re not sure the domain name is the best way to do it. Like Berners-Lee says this could fragment the mobile web more than help it, since the content should be smart enough to format to the device.

The WSJ says only 13,000 dot mobi names have been signed up through the previous months when the system was open to just wireless companies and trade name holders. Far below the 25,000 expected. We think we’ll hold off on for now. Any one buying these things?


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