News Corp To Mobile: You Need Us

CTIA, Los Angeles: News Corp’s COO Peter Chernin is certainly getting a lot of attention this week after emphasizing MySpace’s weight in the web 2.0 world. This morning, however, he was concentrating on Mobile as part of his keynote at the CTIA wireless convention in Los Angeles.

Chernin talked a bit about News Corp’s recent purchase of a controlling share of mobile company Jamba and how bullish the company is on mobile as an entertainment medium, but his most interesting comments dealt with the harsher realities of the mobile content business in the U.S. Finding mobile entertainment on cell phones is basically a joke right now, he said, adding some reality to the mobile lovefest going on in the convention hall.

His perspective coming from the entertainment industry: we’re selling something no one really needs so companies have to work hard and figure out a better way of making people want that content.

News Corp’s wireless push will likely be good for more than just the company’s bottom line. The mobile content ecosystem in the U.S. needs a heavy weight like News Corp to counter balance the carrier-centric system. And of course Chernin had a few ideas on how to improve it: The industry needs better and more simple business models, more attractive marketing, much easier ways to find the content on or off phones, as well as more standardization between handsets, Chernin says.

Any consumer who has tried to download ringtones or mobile games, would heartily agree. I test this stuff for a living and sometimes being able to just access and find the content is like pulling teeth. What do you think? Any mobile entertainment experiences you’d care to share?

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