It has been a few days now that I’ve had to play, I mean work with the XV6700 and felt it worth an update to let you know how it’s coming.  First of all I am finding the XV6700 to be a great phone!  This is […]

Xv6700_1Motorola H500It has been a few days now that I’ve had to play, I mean work with the XV6700 and felt it worth an update to let you know how it’s coming.  First of all I am finding the XV6700 to be a great phone!  This is very good news for me personally since that’s the reason I had to dump the Treo.  Call quality is excellent and I’ve even had a couple of people comment how clear my phone sounds and ask if I’m on a mobile phone.  That is exceptional.  I picked up a Motorola H500 Bluetooth headset when I got the XV6700 and have been using it extensively for both making and receiving phone calls and it is working very well.  No one can even tell I am on a headset as the noise cancelling capability of the H500 is apparently working flawlessly.  The XV6700 Comm Manager applet makes handling all of the radios a snap and setting up the Bluetooth was a couple of taps on the screen and I haven’t had to repair the two devices again.  I would occasionally have to repair my older headset with the Treo but this seems to work better.

I must address the daily usage scenario of the XV6700 because it has made a difference in my work and my productivity.  The two areas that are providing the biggest impact are the larger screen and the keyboard.  I am texting and emailing all the time from the XV6700 because it is so easy to do.  The rotation from portrait to landscape mode is instantaneous when I slide the keyboard out and it is a very effective tool for email.  Remember I use a hosted Exchange Server so my email and PIM data stay continuously updated due to the EVDO connection which is always on.  This had made a big difference for me because I find a lot of time I can view the email and reply to it from the XV6700 where before I would pull out the Tablet PC to do it.  Nice and easy, that’s the ticket.

The low memory condition of the Treo prevented me from loading many programs and utilities on it because I just couldn’t run them.  That’s definitely not a problem with the XV6700 so this weekend I loaded it for bear.    Here’s what I have loaded so far and why:

Spb Diary 2.0– I had this on the Treo but the longer screen of the XV6700 has allowed me to tweak the display settings so I can accomplish a lot of things during the day straight from the Today Screen.

Spb Weather– I run around town all day every day so keeping an eye on Houston’s weather is important.  Spb Weather has tight integration with Spb Diary so it’s good match.  Neither program are resource hungry and I find they are very snappy in performance.

Spb Backup– Do you see a theme here with the Spb software?  Backup is essential for recovery scenarios and everyone should make sure they have a plan to do so.  I am especially sensitive to this having recently had my Tablet PC wiped clean.

Spb Pocket Plus– This is one of the handiest launchers you will find for the Windows Mobile platform and properly customized can be a real jewel.  I can keep an eye on my program memory which so far I really haven’t needed to do but it’s a holdover from the Treo days.

Pocket Player– This has always been my favorite music player on the Windows Mobile platform and the improvements they have made since I last used it on the Toshiba E800 make it even more so.  It works like a player should work, it’s fast and light on the resources and can even stream radio over the Internet.  Great program.  I find the external speaker on the XV6700 is so loud I can listen to music and podcasts without using a headset and it still sounds good.

TimeTTracker MX2– my time billing program that syncs with the desktop version.  This program makes my life better, which is the true definition of a good tool.

Voice Speed Dial– OK, I didn’t load this one, it comes with the XV6700 sporting AKU2 and while it requires training individual contacts that you want to be able to voice dial it works very well with the Bluetooth headset.  I use this program all day long and it just works.

eReader Pro– No surprise I loaded this one up.  I have been using eReader since it was Peanut Press way back when.  The larger screen of the XV6700 makes reading a better experience than it was on the Treo.  I noticed that all versions of the Pro reader are now $7.45 until September 30th which is a good deal.

OneNote Mobile 2007– Can’t live without this program so I can share OneNote pages with my desktop OneNote.

Broken Sword Shadow of the Templars– I had to load at least one game, right?    I am just starting it so I can’t really tell you if it’s a good game or not.  The graphics and sound are excellent which is probably why it takes up about 200 MB on the storage card. 

That’s the update for now, I will continue to provide further updates as time permits.  I am very pleased with the XV6700, which is the HTC Apache for those who care.

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By James Kendrick

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  1. Glad to hear that things are working out better for you. Also, good to know that the bluetooth works better, that really frustrates me on my treo. Thanks for your quick reply to my email. Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for the update as I am going to make a change as well by the end of this week.

    2 questions:

    1. Is it too difficult to text message while driving? I spend a lot of time both on the road and text messaging.
    2. Has the move from SD to miniSD affected you? I just bought a 4GB SD card!


  3. Steve, why would you want to text while driving? I mean besides the obvious danger to yourself and others? I have a Qtek 9100 and it’s easier to type if you cradle the device like and book and use both thumbs to peck out letters. If you want one handed typing, the BlackBerries are better suited for that.


  4. I love my VX6700. Been using PDAs for years and owned many. This is by far the best one I have owned. Screen is a tad small than I’d like but, the pro’s far out weigh the cons. Win5.0 also makes this much more stable device than my 6600 (re-set machine).
    My main use is email thru exchange and I am using the new Yahoo Go which I am pleased with (only from an email perspective). I also us IM+ from Shape Services to stay in touch with my coworkers who use multiple IM accounts.
    For heavy browsing I use THunderhawk which is ok. A little tough on the small screen but, better than IE. For quick browsing which, is mainly mobile sites, I use the IE.

    I also recommend Mem Maid. I use this once a day to clear cookies etc.. out.Its a great one button memory cleaner that prevents soft resets.

    Thats my unsolicited opinion.

    Kevin and James keep up the great work love the Podcasts.

  5. Steve, I don’t text while driving, the only thing I do is phone calls using the Bluetooth headset which works flawlessly. I agree that texting while driving is kind of dangerous.

  6. Fred Beiderbecke Wednesday, September 6, 2006

    How is the battery life?

    Have you used the phone as a modem? How are the speeds?


  7. I’ve been asked by several people via email how I got all those years of Palm PIM data into the new XV. First of all, the Treo I dumped was the Windows Mobile version so that was not an issue. Second of all, since I use a hosted Exchange Server, something I recommend everyone do since they can be had for as cheap as $5 per month, this is a non-issue anyway. I have 4 devices constantly in sync with each other and with the server because of the Exchange Server. It is a real boon to have.

  8. Completely agree with the hosted Exchange server. Due to beta testing of software as well as reviewing hardware, I have no less than five computing instances with Outlook running; regardless of which device, partition or OS I use, I can log into Outlook on any of them and have my current e-mail all nice and tidy. Hm..now that I re-read this, I wonder if I have an e-mail addiction?

  9. I agree about the Spb applications. My Today screen is 100% Spb, except for the date plugin. I have Diary, Time, GPRS monitor (sorry, I’m Canadian ;) ), and Weather all integrated into Spb Pocket Plus as tabs. One handed navigation of the entire Today screen is unbelievably useful!

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