Mobile web invention or re-invention?

Jk_mobileI can’t take any credit away from Dave Winer; we all have much to thank him for today with his work on web and syndication technologies. I’ve been watching his site over the past few days as he’s working on the "river of news" concept now that he has a Blackberry. Josh Bancroft points out astutely that mobile content aggregation is nothing new; I’d agree and I think that Dave is kicking tires right now as he demonstrates the mobile river with high profile sites. My guess is that Dave creates a new tool or platform that publishers can use to mobilize their content, even though there are already a few out there.

I’m curious how many folks read RSS content on phones, smartphones and other very mobile devices (meaning not full-fledged PCs). What aggregator is your fave? Do you like Dave’s view of the New York Times or do you prefer it in your aggregator? Oh and just for fun: what do you think of this mobile content: thanks to a tip from Josh, this is a Google formatted view of jkOnTheRun without images.


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