Amazon UnBoxed

Erick Schonfeld over at Business 2.0 Blog has been busy digging up the details on Amazon’s new UnBox movie download service. The details are on the Business 2.0 Blog. Amazon is apparently using Microsoft’s Windows Media Player, Digital Rights Management (DRM) and related technologies.

Kevin Kelleher, a frequent contributor to Business 2.0 was able to actually download the Unbox software when it was up briefly on the Web. Although he wasn’t able to try it out because Amazon’s server was not responding, he was able to copy the software’s terms of service.

Other fun facts about the Amazon UnBox:

– Rented videos can only be viewed on one device (like an authorized laptop)
– Conusmers will also be able to burn purchased videos onto a DVD, but it looks like it will only play on newer DRM-compliant DVD players.
– The service will only be available in the U.S at launch.
– You must download the videos within 24 hours of purchasing them.
– The Unbox Video Service will allow consumers to both rent or buy digital videos.

Since Apple is yet to announce its movie download service, it is hard to say the impact of this announcement on them. However it puts folks over at competitive services such as Movie Link and Cinema Now in a bit of a pickle. Don’t you think?

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