Reader David Chong just sent me this pic from umpc.cn: Pretty good Photoshop job, if you ask me.  I can’t believe it’s real.  Here’s hoping, though. -jk

Reader David Chong just sent me this pic from umpc.cn:

Apple Tablet

Pretty good Photoshop job, if you ask me.  I can’t believe it’s real.  Here’s hoping, though.


  1. Frustrated Consumer Friday, August 18, 2006

    This was the winner of an Engadget Photoshop contest IIRC…

  2. You die for an Apple tablet, don’t you??? Me too…

  3. It is very easy to tell its fake: the iTablet won’t have an iStylus. :-)

  4. Why in God’s name would anyone want an Apple tablet?!
    Or any tablet?!
    Um, did you notice that tablets have no keyboards?
    Just checking.
    Then, how will you enter text?
    With a stylus? Don’t you realize that handwriting is about five times slower than typing, plus that handwriting recognition has its limits?

  5. Joel, you are barking up the wrong tree. Many Tablet PCs have integrated keyboards for those who are pen shy. Handwriting recognition on current Tablet PCs is 90+% accurate, I don’t know where you are getting your information. Plus the added benefit of speech recognition built into every Tablet PC.

    Attaching a keyboard to a slate Tablet PC is as simple as, oh, say plugging a USB one into the port. Or attaching one via Bluetooth. I would recommend you try one out before condemning the entire platform. Ask any Tablet owner if they would go back to a regular laptop.

  6. Joel dont bother this will be a pile on since James is a TabletPC MVP so they aren’t going to back down. TabletPC’s are a dying breed..

  7. Tablet PC User Friday, August 18, 2006


    Tablet PC users (just like apple, PSP and iPOD users) are a bit brainwashed. We all believe that what we have is the best…although the market-share says that we are a very small minority (except for the iPOD).


    I’m getting concerned about your postings. Are you kidding when you just post this kind of stuff or is it just to get comments? Any person who visits Engadget.com would have seen that this was a photoshop contest (WWJD 3) that occurred 6 MONTHS ago! What are you doing JK!?!?!

    ~A concerned Tablet PC User~

  8. Frank, you won’t find any piling on by me. Anyone who has followed my writings and podcasts can tell you that I firmly believe that there is no one tool right for everyone and each individual should choose the tool that fits the way they work. I responded to Joel because while I would never say that any gadget must be used by everyone I think it’s just as misguided to state that any device should never be used by anyone. As for the Tablet dying breed remark there have been record sales of Tablet PCs this year that flies in the face of that comment.

    Tablet PC User- don’t be concerned about this post. I don’t follow stuff like engadget’s Photoshop contest because they don’t interest me. I was emailed the link and photo by a reader just today and made it clear in my post that I didn’t believe it. I (like many others) would love to see Apple make a Tablet though.


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