Google Talk Adds Voice Mail, File Sharing

Google Talk is offering an update today, according to reports, that will enable users to easily transfer files, set presence with music, and send and receive voice mails. According to the article its also Google Talk’s first birthday. We haven’t checked out the upgrade because it doesn’t look like its available on the site as of yet. But we’re eagerly waiting to see it. Google’s blog says the upgrade has been available only to select Google users for a few weeks.

Update: Google updated its blog about Google Talk’s new features and explains the easy drag-n-drop for files and photo sharing — drag into an open GTalk chat window and when the other chatter accepts, the file starts moving.

Perhaps new features could help bring in more Google Talk users beyond its somewhat small userbase. Though, we’re thinking it’s not as small as the recent Comscore figures of 44,000 in the U.S, and we’re still waiting for an update of those numbers too. Some of these features are already pretty common on other IM clients in the U.S., but really utilized on an IM application like SK Communication’s NateOn. It’s also part of the trend of some demographics turning to IM to manage their online communications instead of email.

Last weekend we were on Google’s Mountain View WiFi network using Google Talk to easily chat with friends. Together it’s a killer combo–free and easy.


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