Browster 2.0 To Launch?

Browster, a San Francisco-based start-up is expected to launch a new version of its software sometime this week. Scott Milener, CEO of Browster had indicated that the company will launch a new version of its software in an interview with C/Net’s Rafe Needleman.

The company makes plugins for Firefox and Internet Explorer, which allow you to preview the next link you are about to click on. Sort of like a preview in a pop-up screen. The plugins work on Windows for now.

The new version, according to the video chat with Needleman, is going to have some built in functionality for MySpace users so people can preview “friends” before actually getting friendly with them.

These are pretty interesting utilities. I for one have been using Cooliris, because it has Mac/Safari support; has no adds, and is just a better user experience. It also has right click support, which is good, now that I have a Windows machine running on my Mac. Still, downloading an executable file, as in the case of Browster makes me a tad queasy – so for now sticking with Cooliris.


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