Message received, ignored?

Former Dreamcast executive Peter Moore gave a great talk at Ziff-Davis Electronic Gaming Summit, advising the game industry on what they must do to expand their audience. As documented by Gamerscore, Moore’s speech, “The Elite 8: Eight Ways to Confront Elitism and Open Doors for Our Industry” contains numerous bullet points of irrefutable wisdom: The industry should create and market games that have appeal “Beyond the boys in their bedrooms”, he argued, and stop acting like “We’re too cool for school” by creating hardcore games that appeal to themselves. (Most developers in the game industry are young men and hardcore gamers.) Instead, Moore said, games should appeal to a wider audience, including families.

It’s all great advice, but there’s an even greater irony here: Peter Moore is now the Microsoft VP in charge of the Xbox division, Gamerscore is a blog published by Microsoft Games and Xbox employees– and right now, Microsoft seems to be devoting the lion’s share of their promotion and marketing budget on an upcoming Xbox 360 game called… “Gears of War“, a third-person tactical action/horror game in which you play Marcus Fennix, fighting “the immense Locust Horde, which not only out-powers but outnumbers you, your squad, and the entire force of the Coalition of Ordered Governments.”

So you know, non-hardcore fun for the whole family. But even if Microsoft is ignoring their own advice, it’s worth reading, because the publishers which do follow it are bound to profit. (Via Kotaku.)

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