LA-based MVNO Amp’d Mobile, which is having its own teething troubles in U.S., is now expanding to Canada, through a deal with local telco T…

LA-based MVNO Amp’d Mobile, which is having its own teething troubles in U.S., is now expanding to Canada, through a deal with local telco Telus. It will launch its MVNO service there in 2007 (This is technically not an MVNO deal, but a licensing and service agreement…as explained below in the post.)
Also, concurrently, Telus Ventures, the venture arm of Telus, has made a $7.5 million equity investment in Amp’d, bringing the total money pumped into it to about $260 million. This is Amp’d first international deal.
Amp’d will provide the overlaying service, and handsets, while Telus will manage sales and distribution, billing, client care, network operations and pricing…Telus also gets the exclusive right to use the Amp’d trademarks, premium data services, handsets and content delivery platforms in Canada.
940News: “While our approach is to offer both post-paid and pre-paid plans the focus has been here in the U.S. and will be in Canada on the the post-paid service,” CEO Peter Adderton said of the service that will be launched next year.
A story about the rationale of this deal, from Telus’ side, is here.
Updated: Peter Adderton, CEO of Amp’d was on the Q2 earnings call for Telus last week: He said that in early days in U.S., the ARPU for an Amp’d user is two times the U.S. average.
Darren Entwistle, CEO Telus: “The bill comes as a TELUS bill. In terms of the branding on the hardware or form factor handsets if you will, the extent to which it is an optimized handset customized to the Amp’d application it is Amp’d Powered by TELUS. What we’re doing from a brand affinity perspective….TELUS will control the pricing and the sales and distribution model, in addition to what we will provide on the client care front. So when you add up all of those factors, the EV-DO network, the post-paid focus, the high ARPU, the exclusive and exciting content that Amp’d brings to the table, the customized handsets for the application, the brand affinity and association, and the control that we have over sales and marketing — particularly as it relates to pricing client care and billing — I think this is a unique model, and a sustainable model and one that we’re very excited about in terms of the economic contribution that it can make to our organization.”

By Rafat Ali

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  1. James Pearce Monday, August 7, 2006

    Amp'd's move into Canada is a good one, I think — there is something to gain and very little to lose. Most of the money spent by Amp'd is on content, user-interface and so on. It has also spent a lot of money on sponsorships, and assumedly some on customer support. Most likely, in Canada Amp'd will be offering the same content, which is already paid for, it will be offering the same phones tweaked for the Canadian carriers, it will handle customer service from its current base in the US. I just don't think it will cost Amp'd that much to extend its service to Canada.

  2. concerned ampd subscriber Wednesday, January 24, 2007

    i just hope their already swamped customer service department isnt gonna be crippled by canadians joining the services provided.

  3. Robert Mellett Friday, March 2, 2007

    It's been one week that phone with air time was purchased, and still no service! After being put on hold six times in six days with waits up to half hour or more… You can talk to your pets, and get better answers than amp'd customer service.

  4. The Amp'd canada guy Tuesday, March 27, 2007

    In response to Robert Mellett and "concerned amp'd subscriber"

    I am sorry to see that your experience with Amp'd USA's customer service has not been a positive one. Rest assured that Amp'd Canada's customer service is handled by Telus mobility, not Amp'd usa. All the agents selected for the task are highly trained and experienced data network support specialists. They are courteous, tech savy, friendly, fast and efficient. Best of all, there is no wait time as we have generously staffed the department that handles Amp'd calls, believe it or not right now as i am writing this there are actually Amp'd Canada agents eagerly waiting to take your call!

  5. Re: The Amp'd Canada guy's response…

    1. If it's an AMP'd customer then it's YOUR problem…don't go pointing fingers at Telus.
    2. Next time try a little sincerity…your cut and paste response reeked of something from "Customer Complaint PR Cliches for Dummies" book…"They are courteous, tech savy, friendly, fast and efficient."???? What PR nitwit came up with that gem? If hold times are 30 minutes or more, you should add that they are also "sparse"

    Nice spin though…cute :)

  6. Amp'd canada user Wednesday, March 28, 2007

    read his post again JP… He's talking about CANADA'S Amp'd customer service provided by Telus. NOT the U.S.A. side of things which evidently is having serious issues from what i read online.

  7. The Tech Guy Friday, April 13, 2007

    Well I for one can say from the day I bought my Amp'd Jet till today every time I call for tech support I am faced with over 30min hold time to music that seems someone has turned up to 12 on a 10 scale and it hurts the ears just listening to it from the phone sitting on my desk and not even on speaker phone.

    Customer service is the worst ever out of all the cel providers out there. After waiting 24 plus hours for a call back as I was told all customer service reps are taking care of other customers I find that hard to think is the truth. Every time I have called regarding anything from activating my phone to a simple password reset so I can log into their website (mind you some strange reason my account password was not what I set it to anymore and they could not tell me why or how it could have happened). Now not once from Dec of 2006 when I got this phone has the Meter worked or even shown to tell you how many minutes you have left nor when on their website when you log into your account or even when they expire for pre-paid phone users and every time I call to ask when it will work I am told " We do not know but you can call us to find out anytime you want " or " I can transfer you to tech support " and then I get hung up on (I some how don't think someone pushed the wrong button every time). They seem to always want to take my Credit Card info when I tell them I am finding it strange I can't log into their site to buy more minutes (I am keeping a close eye on my CC Statements due to this asking) and to me it sounds like the Customer Support people you end up getting on the phone after a 30min to 1 hour wait time are people at home because I tend to hear kids, tv's & radio’s and mind you once a male rep was spending more time talking to a female person about personal things then to me the Customer who called for help.

    After 2 days trying to get my phone activated they give me an Out Of State phone number after asking me my home phone number & area code + city & state. It took over 4 hours and 5 calls (most of them on hold for 30+ min. again and being hung up on after a real person picked up the line just to transfer me to Mr. dial tone. Then it seemed every thing I asked I was put on hold for till an answer was though up, looked up or made up to give me and then most of them were excuses and told I would have to call back or would be called back about and that only once out of all them times did I get a call back the next day.

    Since I have given my main e-mail address to them (mind you it was a mistake I will never make again) I started receiving spam mail in the lots of 50 plus a day. It makes me wonder how it is legal for a co. to sell your info.

    Calling Amp'd vs. Walking from the east cost to the west cost… I think I could get from NY to CA in less time then it takes to get a real person who isn't reading from a screen and can't help you but tells you they will have someone call you back (and sometimes adds "With in 24 hours" like I need help NOW not tomorrow when I need it now).

    I am so glad I did not sign up for a contract deal with Amp'd or I think I would have to spend more time talking to my lawyer to find a way to break the contract and sue them for services they sell but can not deliver. I recall there is a Law that says if a co. markets and sells a product claiming it does something but doesn't that the co. has to Refund or Replace the product with one that does. I will have to dig up this legal info and post it. Amp'd Mobile was selling their Pre-Paid phones with the "Amp'd Mobile Pay-As-You-Go Credit Meter" that has never worked on my phone or any of the Amp'd phones a client of mine (A Cel Phone Store local to me that I do Computer work for) and its funny that any time a Customer Care Rep (Cough I think Customer BS Rep fits most of the time seeing I am always handed a line of crap and transferred to Mr. Dial Tone) and ask for Tech Sup because the Meter will not display on my phone that it works on theirs and they don't know why it isn't working on my phone in the 5 months I have owned this phone nor the 1 time in 5 months I have spoken to a so called Tech Support Agent that handed me a line of crap saying "Its off line at the moment and is being updated" and when I asked oh? when did it stop working and when will it be back on, and OH Yeah How is yours working right now if mine isn't and you just said its off line due to it being updated?" My answer was " I don't know but you can call back later if you have any other questions "

    I can't say enough that if I was with in foots reach of any of these people that I wouldn't try putting it where the sun don't shine for the simple sake of how sick and tired I am of being BS'ed, Run Around, Hung Up On, Lied To, and Taken for My Money. Hell for all the posts I read and that Amp'd makes over 5 Billion a Year I think everyone has a right to put their foot where it hurts most to teach them how to treat their customers, the people who pay them and where that 5 Billion this year came from. I see no end to this poor treatment and no one you can call at Amp'd gives a damn nor is there anyone to report this crap to.

    Oh did I leave out 5 months later still no Rebate Check! The $100 Rebate check that everyone I know mailed in for has to this date never been received nor has anyone that my client of a cel phone store knows of. I hope the federal trade commission will investigate this as a rebate fraud and force Amp'd to Pay Up.

    What every happend to "The Customer is always Right" or at least treating the customer as they are who makes the co. seeing if no one buys it the co. isn't worth jack.


    AMP'D Mobile Ceo Contact information:

    Peter Adderton
    1925 South Bundy Drive
    Los Angeles, California 90025
    Phone: 310.575.2500
    Fax: 310.575.2501

  9. In reponse to tech guy!

    You are absolutely correct about the rebate fraud..Bought two amp'd mobile phones out of cicuit city on or about December 12th, 2006. Gave the phones to my kids for xmas and am still waiting for my rebates. It is now May 9, 2007. They sent me a card saying that I did not submit the upc's..Which is total bull.
    I sat at the table with my adult daughter and we did the rebate submissions togeather. They are a shady company. Told me to resubmit my rebate, I did on April 6th, 2007. Still have not heard from them and I am sure I never will.
    I just wish i knew where to go to make a complaint that would get me some results. I have sworn off of amp'd mobile and circuit city for dealing with such a shady fraudulent company. Circuit city also refused to help me. They said 30 day return policy. How would I know six to eight weeks later I would have such problems. Even if i submitted the rebates the same day I bought them, 8 weeks later is too late to get refunded. Between both phones I spent
    500.00 to purchase maybe more with tax. WHAT A RIP OFF!!! Because of these issues I decided to just add my kids onto my paid cell service.
    Anyone that would know how i could lodge a complaint please do let me know!!

  10. Amp'd no more Thursday, May 17, 2007

    Don't touch this company. They never send the rebate. Customer service is a scam, they put you on hold for hours, then hang up. Tell you to contact them on line and respond by telling you to call customer no service. After 4 trys and over $50 in long distance "activation" calls they activated me with a LONG DISTANCE NUMBER in the wrong service area. These guys are bad news. Use Tracfone. My kid who was a Nextel supervisor also gave up on getting a phone activated properly and thew it out.

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