“Q” the lights with Pocket Light

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Motorolaqlight_1It’s not unheard of for me to read eBooks until the wee hours of the morning, so when I shut the lights and head up to bed, I sometimes use the backlight of whatever mobile device I’m using to light my path. Hey, McGyver has nothin’ on me! I’ve found that this works well with larger screens because of the higher light output; not so good with a smaller PDA.

An alternative is to use the LED flash on a cameraphone, which is what Pocket Light does. Pocket Light shuts off the backlight timer on a Motorola Q and activates the LED flash for the camera, providing you with a low intensity, but usable "candle". You’ll have to hurry to get the beta because it expires in a few days, unlike your LED light will probably outlast your Motorola Q. OK, everybody sing me with me…."Q….light up my life….you give me spam…."; ah, just make up the rest of the song and post your lyrics, ‘k?

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Or … you could use the SonyEricsson k750’s build in “torch light” feature!

No hack to install.

This is still where Moto needs to speed up to match the tough requirements put on phones by Indians and Japanese! Obviously Nokia and Sony learnt the hard way!

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