Earthlink To Launch Storage, Photo Sharing

Earthlink’s foray into RSS/Social Bookmarking is hot news of the day, but Atlanta-based company is not done with what is turning out to be a total Web 2.0 makeover. Earthlink’s plans to offer more web-based services.

Craig Forman, President of Earthlink’s Value-Added Services, who was formerly in charge of News and Info at Yahoo, told us that Earthlink has been working on new applications. Earthlink subscribers will soon get a chance to try out another new web based service, Earthlink WebLife, a new photo and media sharing service. The service will come with one GB of storage for its users.

All of the web-based plans are part of Earthlink’s broader scheme to convert from a former dial-up company to a broadband services firm that not only sells broadband, but all broadband applications. Muni WiFi and VoIP are two areas where the company has focused so far, but now it is trying to introduce other applications. Earthlink user base is much more mainstream and as a result, the company is trying to use “web 2.0” technologies to create simply, yet rich user experiences.

All this development is not cheap. Forman says Earthlink’s investment in value-added services for the web is going to have a material impact on its top line. Muni WiFi might be the biggest investment of the year. But there’s no question that the company has to adapt. It’s the same problem AOL has. They both just hope that spending money, will eventually lead to making it.

Update: Earthlink emailed us to say that the company soft-launched the photo sharing product a few weeks ago. They did mention that in our earlier conversation.

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