4 GB Memory Stick PRO Duo from Sony

4gb_pro_duo_1Sony brings a whopper of a PRO Duo memory stick to market at 4 GB, but you’ll have to shell out around $215 to get it. Hmmm….who’s sticking it to who with this stick? Granted, I don’t have a PSP, nor do I have a camera that supports the PRO Duo form factor and frankly I’m glad I don’t. The more "mainstream" flash memory cards are much cheaper and seem to have the higher storage capacities faster than the outliers.

You can hit up Amazon right now for a 4 GB SD card and it will only cost you $125; want a matching 2-gigger? They’ll throw one of those in for a total of $183. Even a venerable Compact Flash card in the 4 GB capacity can be had for under $148. Do we have any die-hard memory fans out there that prefer one format over another or is all of this just more of the "let’s create a format that does the same thing so we can charge more money?"


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