Meta: Spotlight’s Bigger Brother

Ryan, of Big Robot Software, tipped me off to the version 2 release of his Spotlight companion application, Meta. Now, I haven’t played with Meta before, and as luck would have it, my PowerBook is in for a fix, so I still have yet to get some time with it. But reading through the features and capabilities have definitely grabbed my attention.

Their tagling is “Spotlight’s Bigger Brother” and it seems – from what I’ve read – close enough to the truth. Spotlight is a fantastic addition to OS X, but as many will probably agree, has much growing up to do. (Wonder what we’ll be seeing in the forthcoming Leopard…)

Ok, so what’s the deal with Meta? Well, for one, you can easily limit the directories you desire to search – on the fly rather than setting it in the prefs. You can also set and append Spotlight Comments to files using Meta, making it easier to search using custom metadata (a feature very close to my heart, which I’ll be writing about in depth shortly). I also really like the fact that you get a Get Info-esque view of the files without having to launch it separately. Essentially, Meta looks like a much friendlier, much more extensible interface to Spotlight.

Take a gander. Let us know how you like it – especially since I’m still PowerBookless and it’s killing me. There’s a 15 day free trial.

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