When software makers go too far

We have all been bombarded with program upgrade notices by email from those software developers who don’t offer free upgrades.  They want to let you know about the new features in the latest and greatest version of the software and offer you a great deal on the upgrade.  While these emails can be annoying it is only when it goes too far that my blood gets boiling.  A company called ScanSoft that makes PaperPort software for scanners among other products has been emailing me upgrade notices for years.  I don’t remember when I actually bought one of their products, I suspect it was an OEM version of their program that was bundled on a scanner or printer I bought years ago.  Last year ScanSoft changed their name to Nuance and the notices stepped up to a ridiculous level.  I get an upgrade notice via email at random but frequent intervals, and it quickly goes into the trash because I don’t even use their program.  I have tagged their offers as junk mail in Outlook but they change the sender address each time so they always get through.

This is annoying but not a big deal but today they stepped it up to the next level.  I got a call on my cell phone a few minutes ago.  It was a telemarketer informing me of the great new version of the PaperPort program and since I was a good customer I could upgrade not for the standard $300 price but for only $99.  I indicated quickly that I wasn’t interested but the guy wouldn’t quit.  When I insisted I wasn’t interested he said that obviously he wasn’t explaining himself well enough and badgered me as to how I could possibly not be interested in such a good deal.  I informed him for the third time that I wasn’t interested and he just got silent.  Refused to say a word so I hung up on him.  This is ludicrous behavior for any software vendor so Nuance, don’t contact me anymore and don’t ever call me again.  I have no idea how they got my cell phone number.  I should have known better to answer a blocked caller ID. 

UPDATE:  I think I know how they got my cell phone number and I am furious.  Last year Nuance provided me a review copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking which they also produce.  I ran a review of it here on jkOnTheRun and that was the end of it but for them to ship the software I supplied them with my cell phone number.  They obviously have turned it over to their telemarketers.  Bad, bad, bad.


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