Quick impressions of using the Sony UX50

I am slammed with work but wanted to post some quick and dirty first impressions of using the Sony UX50 “in the field”.  Here they are in no particular order:

Fingerprint reader:  I absolutely love it!  It makes entering passwords a breeze.

Keyboard:  The key spacing is good enough that even my big thumbs don’t hit the wrong key.  The keyboard is in Japanese although that is a minor change from an English one.  The backlight on the keys is wonderful and I already feel that all thumb keyboards should be backlit.

Cameras:  It is very innovative to have two different cameras so that you can use whichever is convenient.  The software that runs it is intuitive and makes capturing stills and videos very easy.  The Capture button on the upper right of the device triggers the software when pressed and snaps the photo when pressed a second time.  Cool.

Joystick:  The little nubbin joystick is very easy to use and the two mouse buttons make operating the UX50 simple to do with just two thumbs.

Screen:  Yes, everything is very small but I find it so resolute and bright that I rarely use the zoom buttons, which work flawlessly.

That’s it for now, I will be posting more soon.


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