2007 Microsoft Office System Public Beta 2 now available

Office logoI just received word from Microsoft that the public beta of Microsoft Office 2007 is now available.  I have been using Beta 1 for some time and have been not so patiently waiting for this new beta and I will grab it as soon as I can get in, as the servers seem to be swamped.  I notice that the official (and new) name for Office 2007 is 2007 Microsoft Office System.  That’s certainly a mouthful.  If you want to take the new beta on just keep trying until you can get in for the download.  Don’t forget to download OneNote, in my opinion the best program of the lot.

The downloads are handled by a new utility that makes downloading multiple products a breeze, which is a nice touch.  Note that on the two profile pages you have to fill out to get to the download you must fill out all questions, even though they do not say they are required.  Otherwise you get an error and have to start over.

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