Two birds, one stone. The Macbook.

When the Macbook came out, it took the iBook and 12″ Powerbook down for the count. I’ve been looking at this thing over and over and here are some things that everyone should pay attention to.

1) The Macbook uses the same MagSafe connector, but different wattage from its Pro brother. You could use the Macbook charger on a Macbook Pro; though Apple seems to say avoid it like the plague. The Macbook uses a 60W adapter and the Pro uses 85W. You can safely charge the Macbook with a MBP charger. In fact, Apple only sells 85W chargers in the San Diego stores. Maybe they will offer 60W, but I doubt it because the 85W is universal and another charger means unneeded additional costs.

2) Shared video is the reason it isn’t a ‘Pro’ machine. Applications such as Aperture and Final Cut Studio don’t run on this thing. That’s fine for most consumers who would stick to iLife apps. The ‘Pro’ consumer would look to the higher end anyway. Edit:The pro apps will install with a warning but Apple doesn’t support it, and no announcement has been made that they will at this time.

3) External video adapters used to come with Apple laptops. This is not the case on the Macbook, and a Mini-DVI to DVI or Mini-DVI to VGA is going to cost ~$20. One could say that this should be common gear to a laptop, but from Apple’s perspective the numerous things their laptops can display on doesn’t warrant an included adapter for each. The majority of consumers never use an external display and end up losing the one it came with (guilty). So I don’t see this as a major exclusion. I see it saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars, and giving consumers the option to get only the adapter they need, saving the environment the cost of making 2 or 3 adapters per laptop (as was the iBook’s case), and lowering the cost of the units. Win-win.

4) Glossy screen not optional like the Pro machines. I agree with John on the glossy screen issue, and would prefer to rip it off than deal with glare. It’s bad enough on my supposed anti-glare glasses, now I have to deal with it on my laptop. Lame.

I still like them, despite these four things. They feel better and seem much more scratch resistant than previous offerings. The resolution is great on them and they can power a 23″ display. The benefits and improvements are welcome.

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