Just ordered the Samsung Q1. I must be nuts.

Q1_1 When I say "just ordered", I mean just ordered. As in less than 5 minutes ago. Hopefully the shipping estimates that Best Buy provided of "5/25 to 5/31" are accurate, but we’ll see. Why did I do it? Well, my biggest fears might not be major issues after all and I’m willing to take a chance. The only reasons I wasn’t going to take the plunge were: connectivity and the touch screen. From a connectivity standpoint, I put about 1.5 to 2 GB of bandwidth through my EV-DO card. Since that’s a PC card, I can’t use it with the Samsung Q1. However, as Lisa Gade noted in her hands-on review, she was able to tether her Samsung A930 with the Q1. Since I’ve got an EV-DO plan with my Windows Mobile 5 phone, this might be a non-issue. As far as the touchscreen, my obvious concern is: will my hand cause issues with my inking? That’s a chance I’m willing to take as I can adjust the pressure level of my hand and learn to minimize any problems.

Frankly, the form factor coupled with hardware specs that are good enough for 98% of my daily routine (e-mail, reading RSS feeds and blogging) make this an appealing package. I still think I’m nuts, but it’s likely you already knew that. ;)


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