RIAA suing XM Radio over recording capabilities

The Pioneer Inno for XM Radio is a cool device that lets owners record songs and programs onto the mobile device and that has gotten the RIAA tied up in knots.  The music industry representative who has sued everyone from little old grandmothers to children has sued XM Radio and is asking for $150,000 for each song that XM customers have recorded.  We shouldn’t be surprised as the RIAA has already extorted a “recording fee” from Sirius Radio who paid up rather than face long litigation but XM Radio balked and are now seeing the results.  I wish the RIAA would just go away and realize that fair use is fair use.  Give me a break!  Tell you what, why don’t we organize over the web and declare a day “no buy music nor videos day” world-wide.  Let’s show them that we vote with our wallets and hit them the only place they understand.


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