Macbooks: Back in Black

Looks like Apple pulled a sneak attack with us in the night, and released the new Macbooks. Which are now in two colors (black and white), but sadly they only come in 13″. They come at 3 different price points, $1099 for 1.83 GHZ core duo, $1299 for 2.0 GHZ core duo, and another 2.0 GHZ core duo with a larger hard drive for $1499. This isn’t unlike Apple to do exactly the opposite of what people expect them to do. Yet this was completely out of the blue. The have a scheduled Apple event this Thursday according to, and everyone was expecting the Macbook. So I wonder what will be released now, a new iPod, an iPhone, possibly a preveiw of the new desktop installments?

At this low price point, even I want a Macbook. Yet I don’t particularly see a difference between the Macbook and the Macbook Pro. I mean there are subtle difference, but if you put enough ram and hard drive space it’s just a Macbook Pro with a different screen size, and color; but it’s cheaper. What’s really sad is that these iBook replacements are more powerful than my Powerbook bought at the end of quarter 4 this past year.

Get your Macbook here.

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