Fortune tellers read Palms: 700p’s delivery date

Treo700pverizonfrontNobody knows when the Palm 700p will be available, other than Palm, of course; but the great swamis are making their predictions. Engadget says next Monday, May 15th. Engadget Mobile disagrees and has evidence pointing to May 28th. CNET says we’ll all find out together when the unit is unveiled on the 15th. One thing is clear: just like the picture of the 700p shown, the release date could still be a little fuzzy.

My money is on May 28th based on the evidence so far, but regardless of the date, I’m REALLY curious how many of you are interested in the device?

Long-time Palm users should be rejoicing as they get the best of the Palm OS they know and love married to the speedy EV-DO connectivity that Windows Mobile users have enjoyed for some time. Who’s lining up on May 15th, er May 28th, uh…..oh heck: who’s getting one whenever it comes out?


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