French outdoor advertising company JCDecaux has plans to launch a bluetooth/wi-fi advertising service. The main difference between this serv…

French outdoor advertising company JCDecaux has plans to launch a bluetooth/wi-fi advertising service. The main difference between this service and similar ones elsewhere is that consumers choose to receive the messages — they have to download and install a particular piece of software and then fill out a profile. “We are switching from a one-time active response to the user’s blanket acceptance of many digital messages,” said Albert Asseraf, director of strategy, research and marketing at JCDecaux. “We will, of course, need to be careful in making certain that users get only advertisements that interest them.” Of course, the draw is that the ads will offer things the consumers find of interest, such as digital content or coupons.
It seems that the advertising industry is waking up to the whole idea that permission-based marketing doesn’t involve contacting someone every time you want to advertise to them. This quote from Jean-Paul Edwards, the London-based head of media futures for Manning Gottlieb OMD, a media buying agency: “A cautious and permission-based approach is vital when using technologies that touch consumers so directly…”When you bridge the gap between something so public as a street poster and something so private as a mobile phone, there are inherent dangers…It is extremely powerful to get into somebody’s pocket, but you also take the risk of annoying them.”
Interestingly, there are more than advertising plans in the works. An application called UbiBoards will “will show information in the language spoken by a majority of the people nearby”, based on the mobile phone details of people who have registered. Another application, called UbiQ, aims to “allow people in a location like a bank, cinema or fast- food restaurant to give information by cellphone about what they want before getting to the front of the line.”
All of these services require people to register, and it needs a critical mass to make the venture worthwhile. Obtaining that critical mass might be tricky, but there are some obvious ways to promote it…and that’s what advertising companies do, after all. (via Textually)

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  1. There are other systems out there which dont require any software installation – I always think this is going to perform better, its been proven in the past in other areas.

    For example Bloozy http://www.bloozy.co.uk are such a compay, there are also a number in Germany and Central Europe.

  2. Steve Harrison Tuesday, January 16, 2007

    BLUUSH is another company supplying software and hardware to do this, there is even a free download of the software to try before you buy http://www.bluush.com

  3. Also http://www.waymedia.it resells systems (hw&sw)

  4. Steve Harrison Sunday, February 11, 2007

    It turns out that the hardware that Bluush http://www.bluush.com/bluush-x.htm is about to launch is a really small unit around the size of a packet of cigarettes and can run from a small battery. This would make a great unit for sticking in your pocket and marketing in a truly mobile way. I have seen pictures of it and it is so small it will fit in your hand easily.

  5. Dave Simmons Monday, March 12, 2007

    I've seen another excellent piece of Bluetooth software which has a 'try before you buy' policy…and it runs on windows… http://www.thebluecloud.co.uk

  6. Alexander Ovchinnikov Tuesday, July 3, 2007

    Another one in Russia – Lexil – http://www.lexil.ru. Supplying complex self-developed hardware&software solution. It can be provided either in mobile or in stationary version for indoor and outdoor campaigns. Mobile version has a great stylish attention-drawing aluminum case!

  7. I have been using some systems and have found that proximitymedia provide the best service. Bloozy let us down at and advertising conference by not bothering to do their job. Proximity media provide a comprehensive service such as virus scanning, remote unit upgrades making the unit last a lot longer.

  8. Steve Harrison Friday, August 3, 2007

    You can now see the Bluush-x hardware unit operating on some demo videos on youtube.com. If you search for bluush you will find them. A very interesting one of sending several files to a mobile phone on a single acceptance. Not seen any others able to do this.

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