Carrypad adds RSS feeds for each UMPC product

Rss_logoNow that we’ve all stayed up into the wee hours reading RSS feeds on our TVs (*yawn*), here’s another useful RSS feed (or two) for your favorite aggregator. The folks over at Carrypad have added individual feeds to their UMPC Product Portal. Perhaps unlike "Pops" Mossberg, you’re longing for every bit of Samsung Q1 product info you can find. Just add the Samsung Q1 feed to your RSS reader. Gotta know about the latest TabletKiosk eo news? There’s one of those too.

The new feeds are a great way to stay up to date your favorite UMPC device. Hey Carrypad, any thoughts of eventually sharing the percentage of subscribers for each feed? You could use the feed stats for a "Miss UMPC" contest each month: the product with the highest percentage of subscribers gets the virtual crown! :)


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