No foolin’, Vista might be pushed to April 2007

Winvista_logo "Dear Santa, I was a good boy this year. For Christmas, I would like an upgrade to my operating system….oh snap, whaddya mean it might be delayed until April of 2007?"

Yes, this sad little note written in crayon just came across my desk and is supported by the Gartner research group. Based on Gartner’s opinion, there’s a good chance that the test to production cycle for Vista could mirror the lengthy cycle that Windows 2000 followed, meaning we could see another delay. I’m all for getting things right, but when I look at everything Vista has to offer from built-in Tablet PC functionality to enhanced Media Center capabilities, not to mention some cool new games (OK, that’s only important to me I suppose), I see every reason for moving this out the door. I can understand if Microsoft wants to shed their "update" and "service pack" labels, but earning an "overpromise and underdeliver" label can’t possibly be better.


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